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MAutomatic bidirectional duplex unwinder module for reels up to a maximum diameter of 1000 mm on 6” (152 mm) 3” (76 mm) self-centring expanding shafts and quick-coupling spindles.

Automatic reel change system in both directions.

Synchronisation swivel to control the unwinding speed and the pull on the material.

The material edge is automatically aligned by way of a translation system on skids with control from a mechanical actuator and on-board electronic detector.
Infeed drive module with chromed calender, pneumatically controlled rubber presser, independent motorisation, high-sensitivity swivel unit complete with pneumatic control.

Supporting structure with braced frame in sturdy profiles designed to support the pull module, the corona treatment machine and the FIFE guiding system.
Silicone coating station built in sturdy very thick mechanically processed iron sheet assembled with spacers and complete with ground support and levelling plates.

Reference guides and recirculating ball skids carrying a variety of applicator rollers equipped with quick disassembly supports.

Rollers are positioned by means of a multiple pneumatic system for their independent control and adjustment.
Positioning feedback of the applicator rollers by means of high precision tips that can be easily adjusted manually and equipped with reference indicators.

High-stability monolithic applicator rollers equipped with internal water circulation for thermal stabilisation, equipped with rotating joints and connection for transmission control, external polished chrome finish or special silicone resistant rubber coating, according to the station position.

Motorisation unit on a structure leaning against the main structure that carries five roller control gearmotors by means of precision cardan shafts.
Pneumatically controlled product containment tracks operating on two inlet rollers, leachate collection tray during operation and unloading. Adjustable tools to limit the silicone coverage width, which can be calibrated according to the scaling of the final applicator roller.

Drive module with chromed calender and pneumatically operated rubber presser, independent motorisation, structure designed for insertion and adaptation to the support structure of the “UV” group.
Automatic bidirectional duplex wrapping module with independent and chasing arms for reels with diameter up to 1000 mm on 6” (152 mm) and 3” (76 mm) self-centring expanding shaft.

Adjustable tension winding with panel setting, contact rolling with adjustable pressure, or without contact with distance control, swivel for speed synchronism control and for tension adjustment, automatic alignment of material edge by means of a translation system on skids with command from mechanical actuator and on-board electronic detector.

Electrical equipment to command and control the elements and the line as a whole, designed to be connected remotely.
Electric hoist for lifting and translation, complete with sling bar and ropes for loading the unwinder reels.

Technical specifications:
  • ROLL WIDTH: 2400 mm
  • FABRIC WIDTH: maximum 2200 mm
  • BEAM WIDTH: 2400 mm
  • EMPTY BREAM DIAMETER: 500 and 600 mm