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Technical specifications:
  • Minimum roll diameter on trolley: 220 ÷ 250 mm
  • Maximum batch diameter: 1600 mm
  • Speed: 60 ÷ 80 m/min
  • Table according to customer needs

The winding arm consists of two lateral sides connected by spacers to the supporting structure and to the lifting system. The rubber-coated contact roller is powered by an independent geared motor.

The pneumatic lifting system of the winding arm operates by means of pneumatic pistons, and the extender roller is complete with brackets to avoid creases.

Pneumatically controlled swivel roller for double function, whether lightening or weighting, according to the type of fabric being processed. Electrical panel and operator panel integrated into the structure with interconnection with the main line for smooth operation.

The machine is equipped with a front safety protection system.