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Technical specifications:
  • Roller table: 1600 ÷ 2600
  • Operating speed: 20 ÷ 80 m/min
  • Useful working range: 800 ÷ 2400 mm
  • Maximum reel diameter: 800 mm
  • Core internal diameter: 50 ÷ 76 m
  • Maximum reel weight: 300 kg

The non-stop roller consists of two motorised robber coated winding rolls with pneumatic control for adjusting compactness, an automatic alignment system with photo detector and a roll repositioning system for rapid roll transfer from the winding to the discharge position.

The main structure for positioning on the ground is equipped with relocation wheels and support feet.

It also features a large accumulator for the storage of fabric during roll change, in order to ensure continuous operation, while the motorised unloading system performs the function of packaging (with support frame for packaging film) and tilting on a side table. The unit is completed by an automatic transversal cutting system of the fabric, a light swivel unit for synchronising the speed with the stenter, and an electrical panel.