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The coating line for acrylic adhesives consists of an automatic duplex unwinder with alignment system and bidirectional cutting and gluing unit, a towing unit with chromium-plated steel calender and rubberised pressure roller, a trolley type water-based acrylic adhesive applicator element with multiple Mayer bar.

Vacuum pulling system integrated in the line comprising a vacuum roller with rubberised table mounted at the tunnel entrance; the latter, with 8 zones collectively measuring 4000 mm in length, opens the hoods (with stainless steel blowers and spout coated with anti-adhesive material) by means of pneumatic pistons, an insulated tunnel and rollers in anodized aluminium with anti-adhesive surface controlled by half gear motor. The belt guide at the tunnel exit is the KAMBER ROLLER model.

The pull unit comprises a cooled calender featuring a polished chromium-plated surface, and a steel calender with non-stick knurled and chromium-plated surface.

Finally, we have the automatic duplex wrapping module with recurring arms, with additional reel rolling during the winding phase, and a bidirectional cutting/gluing unit.

Technical specifications:
  • Speed: 350 m/1’
  • Useful working range: 500÷1800mm
  • Maximum diameter of unwinding reels: 1200 mm
  • Maximum diameter of winding reels: 1200 mm
  • Maximum reel weight: 1200 kg
  • Roller table: 1000÷2000mm
  • Core diameters allowed/permitted: 3’’ and 6’’
  • Maximum material tension: about 100 kg
  • Coating material: water-based acrylic adhesive
  • Materials treated: plastic films and paper