Non stop winder

Two rubber covered winding motorized rolls, one including a clutch fractioning system with pneumatic control for compactness regulation of the roll. Side plates for roll guiding during winding operation. Automatic alignment system with one side photo detector for single edge control.
Relocation system rolls for quick transfer of the roll from winding to unloading position. Inlet structure with deflecting rolls and bar brake.
Double scroll roll unit at the exit of the chute.
Motorized scroll roll at the entry of the winding position.
Main structure for ground positioning, equipped with relocation wheels and standing feet. Inged wide scray accumulator for fabric storage during roll change for non stop operation. Light weight danging roll assembly for speed syncronization with stenter. On board electric panel for full control of unit. Digital meter counter with partial and total functions, forseen for data link connection with label printer.
Trasversal cutting knive for automatic cutting of fabric. Motorized unloading rolls system for packing function and tilting operation for roll unloading on a side table. Full width detector for central winding equipped with shifting device for edge disalignment. Holding feet with pneumatic control to keep winder in position while running, including operating position reference brackets for ground fixation. Supporting frame for wrapping foil.

2600 mm 800 ÷ 2400 mm 800 mm
300 kg 50 mt/min 50 ÷ 76 mm
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