Simplex Rewinder

Simplex rewinding for reels of max. Ø 1.200 mm. that includes fast grip supporting mandrels, two pneumatically expandable shafts for Ø 3” (76 mm.) and ø 6” (152 mm.) inner diameter. Motorization throughout gearmotor directly coupled with the mandrels, pneumatically commanded chromed rolling cylinder  independent on both sides, to compensate the non uniformity of the product. “Taper Control” throughout load cells according product’s type and dimensions.
Predisposed for automatic alignment.  

Shaft’s working range:Maximum line speed:Product pulling tension :
800 ÷ 2200 mm 200 m/1’ 5 ÷ 100 Kg totali
Maximum Reel Diameter:Inner Reel Diameter:Electrical feeding:
1200 mm 6” (152 mm) / 3” (76 mm) according to the Customer’s request
Avvolgitore Simplex 03