Duplex mono directional

Duplex mono directional automatic unwinder including the following function and devices:
- Automatic tension control and speed sincronization with main line with dancing roll assembly with high sensitivity pneumatic system;
- Automatic edge alignment system to keep material weel in position with edge detector and servo actuator moving all the unit cross wise;
- Quick opening cuks and pneumatical expansible shaft for 3’’ cores (76 mm);
- Safety guards and protection devices according with European standard rules;
- Electrical and pneumatical complete system integrated on board for the control of the unit including operator panel, PLC, drives, etc.;
- Technical documentation and certification according with CE rules.

Roll table:Working range:Maximum reel diameter:
800 ÷ 1600 mm 600 ÷ 1400 mm 800 mm
Maximum reel weight:Maximum line speed: 
1000 Kg 100-150 mt/min  
Svolgitore monodirezionale Render01
Svolgitore monodirezionale Render02
Svolgitore monodirezionale 02
Svolgitore monodirezionale 03