Automatic Unwinder

Duplex bidirectional automatic, unwinding module for reels up to max. ø 1.200 mm. placed on expandable self centering shafts sizes:  ø 6” (152 mm.) ø 3” ((76 mm.) with fast grip mandrels.
Automatic spool change system on both directions for reels with minimum size of ø 300 mm.
Contact synchronism roller for unwinding speed control an product tension.
Automatic raging of the product’s borders throughout slide rails while motioned by mechanic actuator and electronic border detector.
Electric and pneumatic independent machinery integrated on machine and harmonized with the rest of the line.
Other security standard construction details.

Shaft’s working range:Maximum Line Speed:Minimum reel diameter:
800 / 2.800 mm 400 m/1 300 mm
Maximum reel diameter:Inner reel diameter:Electrical feeding:
1200 mm 6” (152 mm.) 3” (76 mm.) according to the Customer’s request 
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