Aluminum sheet junction unit

Independent fastening and supporting main structure that include security fairings. Adequately dimensioned junction table  with vacuum area in order to keep the foil steady while laying the adhesive sheet.
Transversal track unit sliding on linear guide ways with necessary accessories for manual operations performed by operator,  that optimizes the laying of the biadhesive sheet on the first foil.
External unit for adhesive sheet parking and positioning during set up operations.
Picking roll unit that plies and places the new foil on the adhesive surface, pressing it to warrantee perfect adhesion.
Transversal manual aligning unit for the foil.
Alternative automatic  predisposition for detection and positioning.
Predisposition for automatic detection, measuring and centering of the foil at the center of line.
Pneumatic punching unit for the reference center hole at the joint of the outgoing foil. Waste tray included.
Electric and pneumatic equipment that commands and controls the unit altogether and harmonically with the rest of the line.

rendering modulo di giunzione lamiere in alluminio
Width admitted:Foil Thickness:Max. line speed:
700 ÷ 1100 mm 0,14 ÷ 0,4 mm 120 m/1’
Pulling Energy on foils:Junction time:Electrical feeding:
15 ÷ 30 N/mm2 about 20” according to the Customer’s request 
Modulo di giunzione lamiere in alluminio 02