Hot-Melt Coating Line

N.1 Duplex bidirectional unwinder for reels up to max 1.000 mm diameter, 1000 kg max weight with inside core diameter 6" & 3"

Reverse engraved roll coating unit for “release” application, complete with closed chamber doctor blade,
Tunnel type oven for release dry out composed by 3 heating and ventilating units that supply and create circulation of the hot air into the oven, each including the thermal oil heat exchanger and regulation valve for the temperature control,
Main drive unit including pulling calander with independent motorization
Coating station with special high temperature rubber covered roll with inner chilled water circulation,
Exit main cooling unit including 3 calanders of 600 mm diameter,
Electronic thickness measuring system to gauge the coated material at the exit of the line prior to winding.

N. 1  Duplex mono-directional rewinder with independent following arms for reels up to max 1000 mm diameter. 1000 kg max weight with inside core diameter 6" only complete with automatic splicing device.

Roller width:Substrate width:Maximum coating width:Diameter of reels:
1400 mm / Max 1800 mm 1250 mm/ Max 1650 1225 mm/ Max 1625 max 1000 mm
Mechanical speed:Production speed:Reference substrate BOPP:Release product toluene based
400 m/1' 350 m/1' (estimated, average speed depending on products) 25÷28 µ for packaging tape 2,5 g/m² wet application approx
Heating means by diathermic oilDrying by hot air circulation at maxCooling by calandersAdhesive material hot-melt with
220 degrees approx 80 degrees with chilled water circulation 18÷20 g/m² applied by head, temperature of adhesive at coating point 180°C Max
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