Coating and Laminating Line for Vinyl Based Adhesives

N° 5 roll coating line in which 3 of them are chromed and heated, N° 1 gummed pressing roll and a transporting roll that, in this case, is a mandrel with sleeve type rubber cover. This allows a fast and easy change of the covering rubber compared to the classic gummed roll.
Both mono and bi component glues may be used.
Board control devices to ease set up operations.
Temperature regulation panel.
Traveling adhesive distribution unit, transfer pressing monolithic gummed roll according to the material’s length.
Entrance structure with cardboard passing rolls from the top at lamination point.
Motorize unwinder for film reel wit max diameter 800 mm, complete with supports that can be opened and adjusted in their axis for the correct alignment of the reels and the expandable 3” shafts.
Synchronizing dancing group for the unwinder’s pulling and speed control.

Useful working length of the rolls:Max. speed:
1.650 mm 300 m/min